Werner Urban is a Dutch music producer and sound designer. With his ten years of experience, Werner offers clients top notch audio solutions to their brands, campaigns and projects.

Audio services

Werner provides the following post-production audio services:

  • Custom made soundtracks.
    The whole package of tailor made sound effects, music and voice-over to your movie or video production.
  • Sonic identity
    Leader music, sound logos, fillers, bumpers and sound effects to your brand, station, event, show or program.
  • Custom made music
    Exclusive piece of music produced and arranged to your movie, video or artist project.
  • Stock music
    Over 200 non-exclusive music tracks available for the use of movie, video or artist projects. Free music supervision!
  • Custom sound effects
    Almost every sound effect, whether it’s foley or special effect, can be designed for your production.
  • Voice-over recording
    Visit Werners studio to record that killer voice.
  • Audio mixing
    For the mixing of multitrack music recordings.
  • Editing
    For cleaning up dialogue or set noise.

Please call or email Werner to discuss project and prices.


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That Werner sound

Armed with a fieldrecorder and a pair of headphones, Werner hits the street to create and capture sonic structures to produce soundtracks and music with. He uses the acoustics of abandoned buildings and desolate places, while designing and recording sounds out of trash and scrap material found on the spot. His ‘audio expeditions’ took him to different spots like Berlin, Duisberg, Wroclaw and Mexico.



Werner Urban
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