Werner Urban is an independent Dutch music producer and sound designer. Over the last 10 years, his work appeared through a wide range of media outputs: from bespoke to library records, to niche productions and art projects.

Werner’s musical signature is rooted in the late 80’s and 90’s Hip Hop culture. Attracted to the energy of ‘the beat’, Werner developed a style of music, which is strongly based upon rhythm. His interest in visual art is at the base of his passion for working cross media. It also triggers his sense for capturing ‘the unheard’: field recordings and dissected recordings of day-to-day sounds are part of his pallet and become subject matter in his current autonomous work.

2017 is Werner’s tenth year in business. For this occasion, he produced a concept album called ‘Dworzec Towarowy, an audio expedition by Werner Urban’, which is based on location recordings in Wroclaw, Poland.

Werner would like to thank all clients, colleagues, friends, fans and reviewers for supporting his talent along this decade.